Let's take a look at one of the ways to post hatching eggs safely using materials that are easy to reach. 

You can also use other materials but the principle remains the same:

  • A protection agains't damage, a soft with compact wrapping where there's little movement of the eggs;
  • A protection so we minimise vibration that could damage the eggs;
  • A protection again't the cold or hot temperatures;

Required materials:

Materiale neccessario

  • Carton box;
  • Wood chipping or hay;
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Egg Box;
  • Paper (toilet paper or kitchen rool);
  • Tape;

  • Wrap each egg with paper on the egg container;
  • Seal shut the box with some tape;
  • Beware of any movement of the eggs inside, they should not move;

  • Wrap the egg box with plenty bubble wrap;
  • Fill the carton boxes to half way with hay or wood chipping and insert the box;
  • Make sure the egg box does not touch the box on all sides;
  • Fill the top and sides pushing gently the hay or wood chipping;
  • Seal shut the carton box;

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