EggBay founded in 2016 is a vertical MarketPlace for fertile hatching eggs and equipment for farmers (C2C, B2C).

"EggBay is where you can buy and sell hatching eggs of any breed, chicks and breeding stock, equipment new or used, books and much more"

Anyone can sign up to buy and sell on EggBay, the site is also available in Italy on www.eggbay.it and Britain www.eggbay.co.uk, sellers themselves have the option of offering products across Europe by setting the article in other languages.

We offer more security to customers who buy delicate products such as eggs that sometimes don’t receive the best service, we give them the opportunity to evaluate vendors for the service they receive via our certified feedback and we offer support when needed.

Thanks to our certified feedback EggBay sellers who consistently provide excellent service to their clients can prove their reliability and reputation, in turn increasing the sales opportunity.

Items that can be sold and bought on EggBay include: (see a full list here: what can be sold on EggBay)

Main categories include:

  • Fertile Hatching Eggs of any breed *
  • Equipment **
  • Memberships **
  • Books, downloadable e-Books **
  • Vitams
  • Feed

* Breeds that are legal in the UK and Europe

** Suitable for this sector


Become a seller on EggBay


Selling on EggBay is easy and fun, with only a few clicks I configured my shop to sell hatching eggs from my chickens!


I found the site easy to use, I ordered a few Copper Marans Eggs from a respectable seller and I've had very good hatch. Thanks EggBay will come back soon!!

G. Manca