Paying for your Purchases on EggBay

Here on EggBay you can pay for your purchases with any Debit or Credit card as long as it's a Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Switch or American Express. You don't need an account with Paypal or Stripe to make a purchase, all you need to do is enter your credit card details at the payment page. To further increase your privacy EggBay doesn't record any of your credit card details.


Thanks to our payment processing partners STRIPE and Paypal our sellers on EggBay can accept every major method of payment available, credit cards e debit cards, AMEX etc.

STRIPE is safe and secure to use, your credit card information details are not saved on our servers.



Paypal is a fast and secure way to pay for your items on eggBay, when selecting this type of payment you will be redirected to login and pay on the Paypal web site.

Regional Payment Methods Accepted via PayPal

Depending on what payment options PayPal offers in your country, you may be able to pay by regional payment methods when paying via PayPal. Regional payment methods may not be available in all countries. The PayPal website will list the payment methods available in your country on the payment page.

Maestro / Switch

Maestro is a debit card issued in various countries around the world.  Because different banks have implemented Maestro differently, not all Maestro cards will work for internet transactions.

PayPal will allow you to use Maestro as a payment method in many countries, but not all countries.  We have confirmed that Maestro cards issued in the UK work via PayPal, but are not sure about Maestro cards issued elsewhere.  Please try your card and let us know in the comments below.